Churchie Swim Club has a comfortable, professional and attractive uniform made from suitable garment technology for our club members to wear, along with additional merchandise for sale.

Club uniform

The Churchie Swim Club uniform consists of a club shirt and swimming cap, which swimmers receive, when they sign on as a member of the Churchie Swim Club. Wearing the club uniform is a great way to identify Churchie swimmers and helps build a sense of club identity and unity!

It is compulsory for all members to where their club uniform at swimming meets. The club is formally required to ensure that club gear (especially when featuring sponsors’ logos and names) is worn at carnivals.

The club shirt should be worn to all swimming carnivals and for all medal presentations at all carnivals. The club swimming cap must be worn for all club and swimming events and carnivals when swimmers are representing the club. Parents are encouraged to get into the spirit and purchase the club shirt or wear the club colours whenever possible to promote club spirit, unity and identification.

Goggles are available for purchase from the pool office.


Churchie Swim Club also has a range of merchandise available for our club members and their families.

Hoodie Size Chart

The club does not hold a large volume of stock of some of these items so it may be necessary to place and pay for an order and be provided with the item a short time later. In addition to this range of merchandise the club does arrange special event T-shirts – these are for the Queensland State Championships held in December and the Australian Age Championships held in March-April. All swimmers who qualify to swim at these events will be given the opportunity to purchase these T-shirts.


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