Swimming at Churchie is engrained in the foundation of the school. After the move to East Brisbane, from 1917 all boys were expected to learn to swim. By 1918 The Viking Test was a 120 yards return swim across Norman Creek. Once the student could swim back and forth four times, he became a ‘Pocket King’.

In the ensuing decades, investment in swimming saw several pools built. In 1920 a 30 feet square cement box, filled with creek water, was the first pool. One hundred years later, The Barry McCart Aquatic Centre is considered one of the best private facilities of its kind.

In the GPS competition, Churchie is proudly the school with the most premierships (21) and the first to win dual junior and senior premierships in 2014. We value swimming for its heritage and positive impact on physical growth and wellbeing, and we love swimming for the excitement of competition and its unique community.

Continuing this proud swimming heritage today is a new concept, Churchie Aquatics. This school-owned entity is the new home for the many services offered at The Barry McCart Aquatic Centre—GPS Swimming, squads (high performance and developing), Churchie Swim Club, learn to swim and external bookings.

Churchie’s Director of Swimming Ben Allen oversees Churchie Aquatics. He is working to strengthen and expand the ways Churchie Aquatics serves the community.

‘We have such a strong swimming culture at Churchie, both historically and in recent years. The focus is on continuing our GPS Swimming programmes while offering numerous additional pathways for keen swimmers through the Churchie Swim Club.’

The club, squads and learn to swim programmes are open to all, which has seen a growing community of boys and girls from the local area and school community.