Churchie Aquatics offers a range of learn to swim programs for babies through to adults. Being able to swim and enjoy our waterways is one of the great joys of Australian life and an essential skill for all. Swimming is also a tremendous physical activity with multiple health benefits to people of all ages.

Our friendly and experienced staff are here to make learning to swim fun and fulfilling.

We help our swimmers develop the necessary skills to be confident and safe in and around water and to increase their swimming abilities when they are ready.

At Churchie Aquatics, learning to swim will be a joyful and uplifting experience as we are committed to ensuring every person we teach becomes a capable swimmer and delights in the joys of swimming.

Once swimmers are competent, they are welcome to join a squad in a program suited to their ability.

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Pathway of Progression – Learn to Swim

Otters class is the first point of entry for babies into water safety and familiarisation.

Confidence is built slowly and progressively with water familiarisation techniques, repetition and guided activities.

Penguins is the first level of swim specific skills, where swimmers are taught the basics of propulsion through beginner arm and leg motions, breathing techniques and body position awareness.

Seals expands upon those entry level skills explored in the Penguins class, further linking each of those skills together to form the basics of Freestyle and Backstroke. These basics include body and head position when moving through the water.

Dolphins places emphasis on the importance of a strong consistent kick, while also establishing the basics of the butterfly kicking motion. The race specific skill of diving is introduced.

Sharks begin to explore the finer points of each stroke, including the specifics of timing.

Breaststroke development begins with the introduction of the arm motions and breath timing.

Marlins places emphasis on timing and application of force while in a good streamline position. Butterfly pulling motion is introduced with the use of specific cues and drills. Swimmers are also taught the race specific skill of turns.

Orcas is the refinement of race specific skills, such as diving and the introduction of turns. Stroke progression is individual, where each swimmer’s stroke is refined based on what is needed to begin as a squad swimmer. Swimmers are also taught lane etiquette, including spacing, overtaking, etc.

Transition Squad is the first stage of squad swimming and an introduction into the exciting world of competitive swimming.

Swimmers are invited to participate at club nights, where improvement is measured and swimmers can put into practice their race skills and technical cues which are learnt at squad training.

Progression through further squads is time, achievement, attitude and expectation based.


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